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Author Topic: Clint Roper's NFL Picks of the Litter  (Read 1469 times)
About To Be Struck By A Vehicle
My Name Is Jonas
Posts: 24

« on: September 12, 2009, 08:24:22 PM »

Gentlemen.... and Brick Prior... we are 13 hours away from kick off time in the NFL... and here I am to give you the picks that will help you all win some office pools around the country this year.

Atlanta over Miami --  Wildcat vs The Dirty Bird... really folks.... Miami pulled a fast one on the league last year with the Wildcat.... it will not be as successful... and Matt Ryan/Michael Turner.. in their second year... with new addition Gonzo..... this game shouldnt even be close

Cincinnati over Denver -- Maybe I've been following Ocho Cinco tweets too much this summer... but I have a feeling.. that tonight's gonna be a goo.... oh sorry. Anyways, Cincy seems to have a real good running game with Benson/Scott/Leonard/Dorsey. Bengals signed L. Coles... and that is actually going to help Ocho Cinco... and watch out for the felon aka Chris Henry. Denver is a mess. Kyle Orton.. really? New douchebag coach? Fuhgettaboutit

Minnesota over Cleveland -- Well this is what happens... Brett Favre vs Brady Quinn..... can Cleveland stop AP? Will Braylon catch a ball? Vikings have the Williams boys playing.. they should win.

Jacksonville over Indianapolis -- I really dont have a good reason for this. I hate Peyton and well.... thats it.

New Orleans over Detroit -- I mean really think anything else is going to happen here. Stafford looks good.... but yea... 0-16 will turn into 0-17... sorta. Brees will most likely throw for 400 yards and 4 tds.

Dallas over Tampa Bay -- I hate Tony Homo but Dallas doesnt lose in september. Bucs have new QB, new rb, new te... new coach... new OC.... this will probably be a blow out......

Philadelphia over Carolina -- This pains me a lot.... but I think this game is a toss up.... I just think Philly has some playmakers now... Maclin.. McCoy... to help Westbrook... Im still not sold on their defense... but Jake Delhomme isnt helping the Panthers move forward. They will run the ball a lot... but if they control Steve Smith... Eagles win

Baltimore over Kansas City -- Matt Cassel may or may not play. But who cares... KC sucks. Baltimore at the least still have a good running game.. and great defense. Ravens all the way.

Houston over New York J -- This is their year. Texans almost never loses in Houston... they just lose everywhere else. Slaton + Johnson + too much for the new Jets defense to handle. It'll be close... but Sanchez wont find rhythm with his low grade wr's.

New York G over Washington -- Ah well.. Giants win. The real redskins QB is on IR. Nuff said.

Arizona over San Francisco -- The 49ers suck.

Seattle over St. Louis -- I toiled over this one. I think S Jack is ready but I dont know if the defense is ready. Spags is taking over... but the team may not respond right away. Seattle is a clusterfuck of maybe being ok.... but the running game is suspect... can TJ whosyomomma be ok?

Green Bay over Chicago -- Rodgers vs Cutler. Grant vs Forte. Jennings/Driver vs... Wr's. Yea... that's the problem. Cutler has Olsen and Forte.... Rodgers has more weapons... and is going to show why he's the real deal.... shootout...Packers win

New England over Buffalo -- Its Buffalo.

San Diego over Oakland -- Its Oakland..

There ya have it.... we'll keep a running tally.... and I guarantee a .750 winning percentage at the end of the year.... count it folks!
Sasha Kenzan
AbG Brigade Leader
Posts: 971

« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2009, 09:21:17 PM »

These were the picks I made Thursday in blibblab's pick'em league...

- Pittsburgh over Tennessee - That went well for me!
- Miami over Atlanta - I dig Miami and I think this one will be pretty close unlike Clint.  Atlanta should still be really good this year though.
- Cincinnati over Denver - Denver's on the verge of imploding, and Cincinnati looks healthy, so I'm going Bengals.
- Minnesota over Cleveland - Shit is brown, and the Browns are shit.  There you go.
- Indianapolis over Jacksonville - I don't believe Jacksonville is really that improved from last year.
- New Orleans over Detroit - Sorry Doc. :(
- Dallas over Tampa Bay - Tampa Bay is going to be awfulsauce this year, so Dallas has no competition here.
- Philadelphia over Carolina - I'm going to regret this pick, I can feel it.
- Baltimore over Kansas City - Kansas City stinks, and their big hope to make their team better has a strained MCL.
- Houston over New York Jets - If the Texans can stay healthy, they will be playoff contenders.  They are too talented to not be.
- Washington over New York Giants - I can't pick against the Redskins, and I really think Jason Campbell gets an unfair rap.  If the offensive line holds up, he could have a really good year.
- Arizona over San Francisco - San Francisco might win the rematch later in the year, they just seem like they're missing one piece of their puzzle (and that'd be a QB).
- Seattle over St. Louis - I only picked Seattle because they weren't as horrible as the Rams were last year outside of the two or three games the Rams were motivated in.
- Green Bay over Chicago - I have this strange feeling that the Packers are going to go, like, 11-5 or 12-4 this year.  It starts here.
- New England over Buffalo - Buffalo's missing Marshawn Lynch and New England is New England.
- San Diego over Oakland - The real question here is just how badly Oakland will lose.

So my picks are fairly similar...

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