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Author Topic: Clint Roper's Official AbG Fantasy Football Player Rankings Part 4: TE's  (Read 2354 times)
About To Be Struck By A Vehicle
My Name Is Jonas
Posts: 24

« on: August 07, 2009, 09:35:04 PM »

Here I am... burning the midnight oil......8 days, 21 hours, and 3 minutes till the draft now that I start this next rankings list.... ok... Tight Ends....


1.JASON WITTEN All Hail The Departure of T.O. Now Jason Witten will return to his Pro Bowl numbers from 2007. Bennett might steal some td's... and so will the three headed running back monster.... but Witten should still rack up nearly 1000 yards and 7 td's

2.TONY GONZALEZ What!? Gonzo back up this high!? Yes sir! Atlanta is for real. Michael Turner helps out Gonzo much like LT helped out Gate. Gonzo will get his catches and he will be the short/goal line receiver that Ryan needs.... 800 yards 8 td's

3. ANTONIO GATES No he didnt have a beer with Obama....anyhow.. Vincent Jackson is emerging as a WR.. and he's taken away catches/td from Gates.... but I think the Chargers will return to their bread and butter this year.....he's not the best in the league/fantasy but still a good pick..... 850 yards 9 td's

4. DALLAS CLARK With Harrison gone, he will get enough looks to compensate for his inability to stay healthy. He is now Manning's second best receiving option, and with Anthony Gonzalez breaking out of the slot, Clark will see plenty of looks up the middle. Clark will be filling that void as slot receiver on three to four wide sets. 780 yards 7 td's

5. CHRIS COOLEY Ok go ahead ABG... have your MARKDAFUQOUT~! moment.... CHRIS MOTHERFUCKING COOLEY. *ahem* With that being said,  Jim Zorn has me worried that Cooley won't be a red zone target, but his stats are just too impressive to deny. He scored 27 TD's in his first four seasons, Cooley's lack of production can be attributed to the Redskins' absence at wide receiver. Santana Moss is the only legitimate receiving threat, leaving Cooley with double-teams in the red zone. He should be a solid fantasy tight end this year. If a young wide-out can step up and take some attention away from Cooley, he will return to his status as a red zone monster. 833 yards 6 td's

6. KELLEN WINSLOW Winslow missed half of the season with an ankle injury - plus a knee that has been operated on every year of his five year tenure. He'll take his attitude to Tampa this year, where there are questions surrounding the new head coach and the future quarterback. Winslow is certainly a big risk at tight end because he always gets hurt, and is a 'needy' player. It shouldn't matter who is quarterbacking in Tampa, Winslow will still produce, so long as he shows up to play. He's got tons of potential to be an elite tight end in his first season in Florida, but with drafting him comes uncertainty. 774 yasrds 6 td's

7. OWEN DANIELS I told you.. Im a big believer in Houston's offense this year. Owen Daniels was a prime beneficiary of the Texans' 2008 offensive improvement. With Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter, Steve Slaton falling into place, the Texans are surprisingly one the game's most threatening offenses in 2009. Daniels has only racked up ten touchdowns in three career seasons, but he has been a yardage machine when Matt Schaub is at quarterback. For a tight end, he is exceptional at catching the ball downfield, which will translate to more scores and yards in '09. The same thing with Johnson and with Slaton... Schaub is healthy... sky's the limit for this offense. 900 yards 5 tds

8. GREG OLSEN Wayne, New Jersey's own..... stud TE! Everyone who is everyone knows that I think Olsen is the more talented version of Jeremy Shockey. Jay Cutler always had an efficient chemistry with Tony Scheffler in years past. Chicago is traditionally a run first team, but the arrival of Cutler will bring a transition in the offensive scheme. Greg Olsen is the perfect guy to see opportunities in a team looking to pass more often. The Bears are still going to be a rushing team, but if Olsen has good numbers with Kyle Orton at quarterback, he should be even better with former first-rounder Cutler. Draft him; start him. 752 yd 8 tds

9. JOHN CARLSON John Carlson had a relatively successful season given that his quarterback dealt with injuries all year, and he was on one of the league's worst offenses.  Whosyomomma figures to steal both yards and scores from Carlson this year, but he'll still see some action on a revamped offense. If all of the Seahawks wide receivers stay healthy (not likely), Carlson will be benched on a lot of offensive sets. But new coach Jim Mora will recognize that if Carlson was an entity on a crippled team, he'll be even better in '09. 675 yards 7 td's

10. KEVIN BOSS Plaxico Burress is gone for the 2009 season and Eli Manning's red zone targets have to go elsewhere. In addition to Hakeem Nicks, Kevin Boss should shine in the absence of Burress. His 384 receiving yards aren't impressive by any means, but his 6 TD's ranks high among tight ends. Entering his third season, Boss is a red zone tight end. Without Plaxico, he'll probably be in the top three for red zone targets. Eli Manning loves to check down to tight ends in the middle of the field, and throw short passes to them in the red zone. Boss will come up short again on the yardage in '09, but this is the all-or-nothing tight end to grab late in the draft. 500 yards 7 td's

Boom... QB's and TE's were covered today.... ok..... so as I finish this....8 days, 20 hours, and 25 minutes till the draft.....Kickers and defense will come out mid sunday before the draft....
Donovan McNabb's Best Friend
No One Else
Posts: 46

« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2009, 11:23:19 AM »

Boss over Heath Miller, Vernon Davis [who should shine now that the 49'ers have a coach who knows what to do with TE's] or Shockey? Or even Celek or Shiancoe? Ridiculous!
About To Be Struck By A Vehicle
My Name Is Jonas
Posts: 24

« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2009, 01:40:25 PM »

Why Boss? Well... I am biased. And? Im not sold on V Davis... he's let me down in the past. Heath Miller = solid. Celek? He's an eagle. Anything after Carlson really is just gravy on your football team.
Sasha Kenzan
AbG Brigade Leader
Posts: 971

« Reply #3 on: August 09, 2009, 03:38:54 PM »

I hate to say this, but Cooley may not be a great pickup this year.  Zorn primarily uses him as a blocker for the running game or in short yardage situations.  I also don't trust Devin Thomas or Malcolm Kelly to step up as a threat, and Antwan Randle-El is rumored to being moved to the slot, so Cooley will probably still get double-teamed in the red zone.

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