Attacked by Gorillas

Panzer Dragoon

Posted on October 18th, 2009 in Flashback, PC, Saturn by Axel Night

"What the hell do you mean it doesn’t work?  There’s only a tiny nick on the edge of the disk!"every Sega Saturn user ever

System: Sega Saturn, PC, X-Box (as unlockable)
Year: 1995
Company: Sega
Genre: Rail Shooter

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Posted on March 13th, 2009 in Apple, Axel Night, Flashback, GEN, PC, SNES, Video Games by Axel Night

fb-flashback-t Flashback does Flashback.  Redundancy in reminiscing?  You bet!

System: Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, MS-DOS, Amiga, Apple Macintosh, Sega CD, 3DO… You know, just about anything else you could put a game on in the mid ’90s.
Year: 1992
Company: U.S. Gold/Delphine Software International
Genre: Adventure Platformer

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