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So anyway.

There are things that have come out that I have consumed, at least in part, and have left laying unfinished like so much pizza crust. Red Dead Redemption? Yep. Fallout New Vegas? I remember these problems when they were called Fallout 3. Smackdown vs. Raw 2011? I have received an e-mail from the anonymous general manager, and I quote, THIS GAME COULD HAVE BEEN A LOT BETTER THAN IT IS.


I don’t know.  I like new things and I like innovation, especially in games and television. I mean, why not? Any sucker can make something minutely different than everything else, but it takes some nerve to strike out and do something new and different and weird. But you know that.

So I guess that’s why I’m disappointed by these games. Nothing is really new. Nothing is really different. There are some minor tweaks, and I guess some things were fixed. I’ve read the same thing about Fable 3, and they won’t be getting my money. I’ve heard the same thing about Dead Rising 2, and unfortunately, they got my money. So, it’s Dragon Age/Mass Effect for me, I guess.

I think this kind of sums up how I felt about The Walking Dead last night, too.  I liked the beginning more when it was 28 Days Later. I thought the acting was a better than the usual zombie fare, but I don’t think it was really mind blowing. The story was interesting, but not phenomenal. It was a neat little tweak on the usual zombie apocalypse story, and I liked it well enough, but it wasn’t spectacular or genre altering or anything like that. It was perfect in an imperfect genre, if that makes sense. 

And that’s ultimately what is bugging me a lot about the most recent swath of releases—standards are lowered, expectations are unreasonably high, and most often both.