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In 1997, BOYPOINT was the world’s greatest pop band.  Now, in 2010, they have sold their souls to reclaim their past glory- and this time, their top at the charts will be one to die for.


Stop me if you’ve heard this one- Elvis is alive and in a nursing home somewhere in Texas!



It’s about time I watched a Bruce Campbell film during one of these marathons, and what better film than BUBBA HO-TEP?  Get out of here with your EVIL DEAD talk- that trilogy deservs it’s own Brick Prior twist outside of the usual OCTOBER MAYHEM.  Anyway, BUBBA HO-TEP is easily one of my favorites, not only for Campbell’s work in it, but the story as well.  It goes down like this:  once upon a time, Elvis Presley got tired of his fame and traded places with an Elvis impersonator that ended up dying in 1977.  Elvis, now impersonating an impersonator impersonating himself, took a bad fall off a stage, broke his hip, and landed in a coma.  Now, he’s in a resting home living out the rest of his days with a black guy who thinks he’s JFK with a bag of sand in his head instead of his brain- oh, and he was dyed to be black, damn it. 

Then a redneck mummy shows up, and all hell breaks loose. 

The really fun thing about the movie is that it’s played straight- Ossie Davis as JFK believes that he’s JFK, and Elvis… well, in the story of the movie he is Elvis, but no one else believes him… and that’s where the horror comes in, I think.  Put the mummy off to the side for a moment- the most frightening thing about BUBBA HO-TEP is the fact that there is a very real possibility that eventually, no one’s going to recognize what a person’s done with their life.  As a viewer, that’s way more scary than some fucking mummy- the fact that you may or may not come to a point in your life where no one’s going to give a shit about you or what you’ve done.

You’re just there, existing and… well, who know what happens once it’s all over.


Sorry. Anyway, I just wanted to throw out the fact that this film does play on two levels- there’s the physical horror of a mummy sucking out old folks’’ souls, and then the much, much worse horror involved- both are scary, and both work effectively universe established in the film.  Of course Elvis isn’t alive and JFK isn’t a black man that thinks he’s got a bag of sand for a brain, but it’s always fun to see “What if…?” on TV.

Now, if a soul-sucking mummy is on the loose… well, EXCUSE ME EXCUSE ME, I’m going to Canada.

…what do you mean they have mutant poutine up there?!


Pretty much everything. You can plug any sort of pop icon into this kind of set up and it works.  It’s that damn good.


The fact that Bruce Campbell won’t be in the sequel… if it ever gets made.


Yeah.  Tragedy.




And to wash that goodness down, I need some subtitled magic…

Brick Prior notes that it’s time for another installment of “It’s Italian!”