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Hey kids, we’re back for another go-round!  Gimme more slugs from space!



It’s rare that a film is defined by a single performance, but I guaran-damn-tee that without Tom Atkins, Night of the Creeps would be nowhere near as popular as it is in cult circles.  While the film is pretty damn engaging for what it is (killer slugs from space wreak havoc on a college campus 20 years after their arrival), Atkins turns this one into a prime example of what happens when one character rules the goddamn roost in a film and elevates it into something “great”.

I threw “great” in between quotes because I know full fucking well what I am watching- it’s a horror movie.  It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  Either you like it or you don’t, and I absolutely, positively like this movie.


This film just came out on DVD for the first time in October- before then, it’s been dubbed and bootlegged and copied and transferred and all that jazz until the cows come home- but now, due to popular demand, you too can own it for a reasonable low price or possibly Netflix it and then harangue your friends as to why they don’t own a Netflix account or some such.

So, what’s it about?

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL, the big show is about a secret alien experiment crashing onto Earth in 1959, where a slug promptly scurries its way into a college kid’s mouth, killing him.  Meanwhile, we’ve got an axe murderer on the loose who chops up some poor girl.  Hrm.  Fast forward to 1986, where thousands of kids wailed in movie theaters as Optimus Prime was killed off for the first time, and we’ve got a bunch of kids going to college!  One of them falls in love with a sorority girl!  He’s gotta join up with a fraternity in order to win her over (or so he thinks, you know how these things go), so he and his buddy attempt to pull off a prank that involves dumping a dead body onto a rival fraternity’s lawn!  OH MAN OH LAWS THEY PICK THE WRONG CORPSE!  SLUGS START POSSESSING THINGS!  A WHOLE SHITLOAD OF COLLEGE KIDS ARE REANIMATED AND BECOME ZOMBIES!




And, there is also a flamethrower… and death via lawnmower.

It’s a perfect homage to horror and sci-fi during this timeframe- just about every main character is named after someone important in genre film- the names “Romero”, “Carpenter”, “Cameron”, “Hooper”, and “Cronenberg” are lovingly dropped and it all feels natural.  Night of the Creeps is just one of those films that you’ve got to see, for better or for worse- the vibe that the film gives off is something completely lost these days, so grab some friends, grab your favorite beverage, and give this movie a chance, why don’t you?

Tom Atkins says it best when he says, “Zombies… exploding heads… creepy crawlies… and a date for the formal.  This is classic, Spanky.”

I will NOT tell you anything else, damn it.