Posted on September 18th, 2009 in Axel Night, Video Games by Axel Night

It’s been a while since I’ve contributed consistent content to the good and proud AbG.  Things are what they are.  I’ve been reconsidering doing the video thing, but I keep remembering the skeletons in my closet.  Drunken, poorly recorded skeletons made with Windows Movie Maker and a mic that picks up everything yet records what’s right next to it like a bucket.  A year and some ago, I made the "Knackered Nostalgia" series: two video retro-reviews on some of my more obscure SNES games.  I promptly sealed them off in a vault, never to be seen again.  Until now.

After 10,000 years they are free!  Time to conquer Earth!

Knackered Nostalgia #1: Mohawk & Headphone Jack (SNES)


Knackered Nostalgia #2: Rocky Rodent (SNES)


What are people saying about "Knackered Nostalgia: “Mohawk & Headphone Jack” and “Rocky Rodent”"?

Brick Prior
Re: Knackered Nostalgia: “Mohawk & Headphone Jack” and “Rocky Rodent”


Good stuff right here.
Sasha Kenzan
Re: Knackered Nostalgia: “Mohawk & Headphone Jack” and “Rocky Rodent”

I'd been trying to get Axel to unleash these since he first recorded them.  You people better thank him! *shakes fist*

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