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Flashbacks fb-ogrebattle-tdon’t pull people’s arms out of their sockets when they lose. Ogres are known to do that.

System: Super Nintendo, Sony PlayStation, Wii Virtual Console
Year: 1993
Company: Quest, Enix America
Genre: Strategy RPG

You haven’t much control over your units in battle. Unit organization is extremely important.

Before games like Warcraft were establishing the forever rules on fantasy strategy games, a little developer by the name of Quest developed this sleeper hit.  How sleeper?  The US got about 25,000 copies.  You probably had to stab an ogre to get your hands on one.

In this title of surprisingly few ogres, you create an avatar by choosing a gender and answering a series of moral questions, which will decide your character’s attributes and abilities.  You then form a series of units and send them out across an area map, typically with the intent of conquering a specific city before someone takes yours, as you work to overthrow the corrupt ruler of the land.  When two units meet on the field, a battle ensues, and each side then takes turns hitting each other until they’ve exhausted their attacks or one side is annihilated.  You can give your units generalized commands, such as whether to focus on the leader, or enemies with low HP, and so on, but you couldn’t control them directly.  Where you placed them in their ranks decided their nature.  For example, a wizard on the front row would just strike with his staff, but when placed on the back, would cast spells, deciding which to use based on his target’s vulnerabilities.

Across each area were other towns you could liberate to gather funds, purchase items, settle in for healing and fortifications along your way, and occasionally find special hidden items and characters.  On top of that, you have to maintain good public relations with the poor people of the Zeteginan Empire.  If you charge through liberating their towns with your army of liches, vampires, werewolves and demons, they’ll begin to question if you’re any better than the crap-hole they’re already in.  Decisions will pepper your conquest, which will decide the type of leader you shape up to be and which of the twelve endings you’ll receive.

To take advantage of its rarity, a limited PlayStation graced our awareness with remastered music and graphic effects, and was quickly soaked up by collectors.  As of March 2009, the Wii Virtual Console released Ogre Battle for those with a slightly more deflated budget.  For 800 points, you can laugh in the face of those like me who had to shank a bitch to get our hands on it.

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I completely agree, that Wow and other's have taken over people interpretations of fantasy. I swear you wouldn't believe how often I hear the phrase, "Elves have pointy ears," or something to that affect. It's amazing how often people think that such and such invented these races. I will tell you though nothing makes me realize I am so completely nerdy than arguing with a friend about fantasy races.

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