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Kenzan’s bargain bin goldmine is Mega Man meets Metal Slug.

System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Year: 1990
Company: Sunsoft
Genre: Run and Gun

Not even Mega Man had to fight rocket-propelled Alien ripoffs in the middle of a shiny fortress.

When I was a wee lad, I lived behind a department store named Rose’s.  This Rose’s was more of the discount store variety, finding tons of old product and shoving it onto the shelves at slashed prices, hoping desperately to sell action figures long after the waning of their popularity, or six year old wrestling tapes that certain people trekked through a snowstorm to purchase thinking it was new.

Not that I, uh, did that or anything. *cough*

It was in 1991, just as the Super Nintendo was on the dawn of breaking, that I happened to receive a gift of twenty dollars.  Rose’s had just found a box of poorly-moving NES games in the back of their warehouse and put them on the shelves, conveniently priced at $17.99, meaning I would be able to buy a new game and a bag of chips.  What a steal!  Such "gems" as Wall Street Kid and T&C Surf Designs were put on sale, but the one that caught my eye was Journey to Silius.

The game was originally intended to be a Terminator game before developer (and noted licensing whore) Sunsoft lost the license and decided to release the game anyway.  You play as Jay, attempting to get revenge on the aliens who massacred your father and his new space colony, through five levels.  The game is actually pretty fun, and the music is absolutely phenomenal for the time period, but the one thing that had me throwing controllers was the difficulty.

Anyone who played Batman for the NES knows how insanely difficult Sunsoft liked making their games, almost to the point where the developers were intentionally torturing you for daring to purchase the game.  I, personally, have never made it past the midpoint of level two without cheating.  However, the game does have some redeeming factors, including the ability to change your weapon at will, which you must earn by defeating the miniboss of each level, which could be a daunting task in and of itself.  The only problem?  All your non-handgun options share the same ammo in the most inane way I’ve ever seen weapons management used in a game like this.  How does a grenade launcher share the same ammo as a homing missile gun or a machine gun?

Bizarre weapons management and brutal difficulty aside, the game is a fairly solid title for the end-of-generation NES.  It’s well worth a play if you can track a copy down, just don’t forget the Game Genie codes.  Or you can just do what I do… pause the game and listen to the music.

What are people saying about "Journey to Silius (NES)"?

Axel Night
Re: Journey to Silius (NES)

Damn.  Beat me to it.  I couldn't have summed it up better.  My neighbor and I here have dubbed the main character "Dancin' Jay" due to the fact that the furthest we've ever made it on a no-cheat run was by making the character dance (via a series of leaps, twists, and crouches) to the rhythm of the music.  We weren't trying to be serious, and yet we have yet to best the performance.  The music really is some of the best in NES history.

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