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"…" – Crono, Chrono Trigger

System: Super Nintendo, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo DS
Year: 1995
Company: Square Soft
Genre: Role Playing

It’s not easy being green.  Unless you have the Masamune.  Then it kicks ass.

Spiky haired prepubescent with sword faces ultimate evil.  In 1995, you didn’t muck with what worked.  Chrono Trigger, however, did it with style!  Sure, it had a great cast of misfits garnered through out time like something from a Bill & Ted school project.  Yeah, the battle system was an amazing step up from the classic "I’m on this side, you’re on that side, now wait your turn" formula, and did away with the evil that was random encounters.  The magic system that allowed for team attacks, favoring experimenting with various team combinations, was even pretty revolutionary.

But what made us all crap our pants was realizing our decisions and actions mattered.  Right from the moment our main character is carted off to court, the prosecutor begins calling us out on seemingly meaningless choices we made earlier, making us go "aw hells, the game was a watchin’ me!"  Toss on the heap a dozen or so endings, depending on various factors and decisions, and it’s no wonder this was the game that introduced us to the world of "New Game+", which let us take our current party back through the game again to try things differently.

In 2001 (1999 in Japan, but we were way behind), the PlayStation saw a port of the now extremely rare and collectible title, with a host of new extras, most commented on being the Japanese anime style cut-scenes added in, done by the original character designer, Akira "that Dragon Ball Z guy" Toriyama.  It came bundled with Final Fantasy IV and was titled Final Fantasy Chronicles, though Chrono Trigger was obviously the more sought after of the two in the package.

Now, in 2008 (it’s now as I’m writing it, anyways), it is seeing yet another revival for the Nintendo DS.  All of the PSX additions are still in place, along with new dungeons, a complete retranslation (good bye-eth to Frog’s Elizabethan English accenteth), and optional touch screen menu controls, all without the PSX load times.  Still, not much has changed in 13 years, not like the Final Fantasy IV remake, which saw a complete overhaul.  But sometimes you have to take a hint from 1995 and not muck with what works.


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