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System: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
Year: 1993
Company: Sega
Genre: Action Platformer

Raptors are relentless predators with surprising cunning.

While Ocean Software made most of the Jurassic Park games of the early nineties, Sega liked to do their own publishing, and housed BlueSky Software, the folks who would go on to make the popular Vectorman titles a couple of years later, instead to do the movie money milker for their flagship console.  The result was a simple run and gun action-fest.

Players control either Dr. Grant or an escaped Velociraptor across the havoc-ridden park in hopes of escape or a meal.  That’s right, you can play the game as one would’ve expected, or you can just be a raptor and rip your way across the land.  Grant gets an assortment of non-lethal armaments such as gas grenades, tranq darts, and tasers to try and stick it out against the waves of dinosaurs, though the occasional rocket will crop up.  The raptor is probably the easier game in that he has superior jumping and killing power.  Most of the guards drop quickly when he leaps across the screen, claws brandished, or down onto their heads for a quick bite.

The good.  The presentation is great.  Good use of Sega hardware with both visuals and sounds.  I still get juiced when I turn the game on and am greeted by a beautifully rendered T-Rex roaring the patented "Sega" catchphrase.  Obvious effort was taken with the dinosaur AI.  Different creatures have different, complex behaviors.  The raptors are obviously the pinnacle.  They will stalk you, dodge and duck your attacks, leap at you ferociously when they go for the kill, and even screech in frustration when you manage to get out of their reach.

The bad.  The controls have aged poorly.  Gently reminiscent of games like Out of This World, movement is stiff.  Jumps are difficult to control, and often require you to aim at edges of platforms to pull yourself up, which proves quite the challenge.

The ugly.  The fact that this game, a platformer that was designed to be completed in a single sitting, has a password save system, while the several hour long adventure game Jurassic Park for the SNES does not.  Good work, BlueSky.  Epic fail, Ocean.


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Othgar the Flamboyant
Re: Jurassic Park (Genesis)

Ahh that game was the shit right when it came out.  The random unkillable T-Rex was irritating and I never did manage to bead the game sadly.

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