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Flashback goes back!  To roughly the Mesozoic Era.

System: Super Nintendo
Year: 1994
Company: Ocean
Genre: Adventure/First Person Shooter

Gunning down a raptor. Ammo is limited, so slaughter conservatively.

I.  Hated.  This.  Game.

Now that personal bias has been put out there, let’s begin.  Whether you were a fan of the movie, or are one of those elitist "literates" who adored the book, you saw Jurassic Fever take the world by storm.  You couldn’t swing a scaled appendage without hitting a JP toy, video game or other attempt to cash in on the dino cash cow.  Every system of the day got a game, and every single one was starkly different.  If you owned a Super Nintendo, you got an Adventure/First Person Shooter.

Maybe I stated that poorly.

You got an Adventure / First Person Shooter.

Not a First Person Shooter Adventure.  That would imply the two meld together in some coherent uni-genre.  From the get go, you control Doctor Grant with a super taser in top-down view, fending off dinosaurs and bugs in an attempt to do Darwin knows what.  In your hunt for power sheds, raptor eggs and rocket launchers, you’re eventually bound to find your way into a building, where they game suddenly switches to a Wolfenstein 3D inspired first person mode for the duration of the interior.  And when you’re done getting lost in 3D, it’s back outside to lose your way Zelda-style all over again.

Fans of the title praise it, and after giving it the old second chance, I can see their points.  Some of the music wasn’t too bad, the graphics are well done for their day, and it was one of the earliest titles to be encoded in Dolby Pro Logic surround sound.  The first person mode, with surround sound on and the lights dimmed, could scare you shitless.  If you had the SNES Mouse (aka, you bought Mario Paint), you could plug it into port 2, and use it on the game menus and FPS sections.  While this would disorient any modern FPS player, the controls were spot on for what any Wolfenstein 3D player was doing on their home PC at the time.

But when the numbers are crunched in the end, I still dislike it.  For a game involving hours of exploration and collecting, the lack of a save or password feature was unforgivable.  I’d also frequently find myself approaching a new type of dinosaur, when a text box covering me and most of the screen would blink into existence with something to the effect of "WATCH OUT FOR GOD DAMN DINOSAURS!"  Blinded by wisdom as I was, the action continued in the background, followed by my untimely dino digestion.

What are people saying about "Jurassic Park (SNES)"?

Othgar the Flamboyant
Re: Jurassic Park (SNES)

You arent kidding when you say how all of the games are different.  i had the version for the sega and I'm relatively sure there was both cheat codes, a password or save system, and you can even play as the raptor.  I don't know the who FPS aspect would have seriously been on the epic fail level of the FPS friday the 13th game i discovered online
Axel Night
Re: Jurassic Park (SNES)

What you say?  Sega?  For great justice!

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