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It’s "Dinosaurs are popular on Google searches" week on Flashback!  Not the momma!

System: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
Year: 1993
Company: Malibu
Genre: Action Platformer

Dinosaurs with guns? Ninjas don’t stand a chance.

If you listened to Podcast Episode #5, you know people love games with "dinosuars".  You know you do.  Only freedom hating Nazis don’t like dinosaurs.

I never got to read the late ’80s Malibu comic Dinosaurs for Hire, but I played the ’93 video game for the Genesis.  The backdrop?  Late 20th century movie parodies littered with pop culture.  The heroes?  A band of fly-dressed dinosaur mercenaries with giant guns.  The goal?  Move from beginning to end while gunning down anything audacious enough to bar your path.  Simple and classic.

The game had a quirky sense of humor.  For example, the game started you out facing a massive beast climbing a dam.  After an all-to-quick fight, the credits began to roll.  You were then informed that there was a problem with the "Genesis’ Blast Processing Unit", and sent to the real first stage of the game, a back alley street full of hostile ninjas and bikers.

If I had to gripe about one thing, it’d be that when you throw down with one of the epic-sized bosses of the game, your health bar is hidden to give way for more screen space.  It’s obvious the developers intended the player to experience the frustration, ambiguity and tension that this caused, and I even sort of agree with the decision on some levels, but it’ll be a turn off for some, and is worth mentioning.  Though, if you’re taking the game that seriously, maybe you aren’t quite the target audience on this one.


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