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The ninjas are attacking!  Quick, get to the Flashback!

System: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
Year: 1995
Company: Sega
Genre: Action Platformer

Wolverine vs. a ninja in a snow storm.

As a child, X-Men 2 was probably my favorite super-hero/comic game of all time.  Why?  It did have six playable X-Men (Beast, Cyclops, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, and Wolverine).  Magneto was also a playable character after level 3.  That was definitely a big deal.  It had two-player simultaneous play.  It was a lot of fun.  But those weren’t the main reason.  The reason was mutant powers.  If I pressed the A button, Gambit threw a card.  Psylocke punched with her knife.  Beast… um… pounded the ground?  And I could do so as often as I wanted.  Wolverine was not limited on the usage of his claws.  Cyclops could blast every single enemy he encountered, with one button, and was encouraged to do so.

Simple?  Yes, and at the age of 12, when I could not yet produce a Hadouken at will, this was a good thing.  In addition, each character had other twists that made them unique.  Wolverine and Nightcrawler could climb walls and ceilings.  Beast and Psylocke could wall-jump.  Some characters had double jumps or flying kicks that propelled them forward.  Gambit had his patented staff and Psylocke had a katana.  Wolverine slowly regenerated health if he was below three bars.  Magneto could even fly! 

Until I picked the game up again recently, I’d forgotten about the game play entirely.  I’d forgotten how difficult it was.  I’d forgotten about the plot involving the Phalanx attempting to assimulate earth.  I’d forgotten the game immediately dropped you into the first level with a random character, while a tank-walker shot at you, and made you fight your way to the title screen.  All I remembered were the characters, because when it comes to an X-Men game, that’s what really matters.


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