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Hooray, another day full of horror movies!  Yay!  Yahoo!  One might even say "yippee!", and then I would have to shoot them in the face!

Not really.

I’d never shoot anyone in the face.  It’s a horrible thing to do. 

A brick to the face, on the other hand?  Well, that’s a time honored tradition that I must uphold and pass on to future generations.

Like, watching horror movies during October for example:  everyone should do it! Get into the spirit of this malevolent season! 

Just don’t hurt anyone.

That would be… wrong?

Yep.  Definitely wrong. 

TODAY’S FILM: Friday the 13th

Huh.  I forgot they were remaking this one, but then I realized that it won’t be an actual remake, but more of a reimagining- you see, for those of you that did not get all of your "hip" horror knowledge from Scream, Jason isn’t even the killer in the first movie; his mother is.  He "learnt" the art of killing from his momma- she obviously believed that her dead child had a future in the killing arts, and decided to honor his memory by stabbing as many teenagers as possible.

Of course, the movie made things a bit more… dramatic.

Watch the trailer!



NOTE:  There are two degrees of separation between Brick Prior and Kevin Bacon.  SRRRIOUSLY.

You guys know the story- a bunch of teenagers decide to reopen an abandoned camp (here we go with that ‘abandonded’ shit again) where a kid drowned, but they all get offed one by one.  No hockey mask here, folks- just a "lot of killin’".

So, what’s the hook?

This one’s all about watching through the eyes of a killer that we don’t know until the very end.

Ah, the killer’s POV.  Personally, I hate that particular shot choice- I hated it in Halloween, and although the red filter makes it somewhat cool in The Terminator (talking about "T2" makes me angry, so I will abstain from discussing that forced little action flick… for now), but I hate it in most movies.

Anyway… Friday the 13th expanded on the slasher precedents set forth by Halloween (hey,  that was remade!) and Black Christmas (yes, that was remade too!)- we’ve still got a group of kids hunted down by a killer, but now they’re completely cut off from civilization as opposed to still being in the "normal world", i.e. in a neighborhood or in a communal house where all their usual comforts exist.  While the usual conventions stay the same, the fledgling slasher genre (at the time) really got a push due to this film, and we’d be seeing knockoffs and different takes on the "kids get killed at camp" scenario for years to come.  Granted, it’s an even further subset of "kids get killed… somewhere" slasher, but hey!  It’s something, right?


Let’s continue!

Something else that sets Friday the 13th apart from its contemporaries is the special effects.  Tom Savini was coming off of some stellar work on the original Dawn of the Dead, and he does some awesome work here, particularly with the "arrow through the throat" offing of one Kevin Bacon.

No, really- check it out!

Of course, he’d go on to top his work with what he pulls off on Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter… but I’ll discuss that sometime in February, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.

But… I do have a gripe with this film, and it’s a serious gripe- you only meet the killer at the end; it’s not an existing character, but someone that shows up, delivers some exposition, and goes batshit crazy.  That’s not to take away from Betsy Palmer’s performance, but it is a bit of a cop-out.


"Doc, I’m having trouble figuring out who killed everyone in this story I wrote."

Doctor Detroit closes his copy of "Bad Twin", puts down his pipe, and sighs audibly.

"Just make someone up."



Brick Prior goes off to write.

And that’s how it goes down here!

Yes, I know you see the killer act at the beginning of the film before the kids show up, but it’s still the same thing- don’t cheat the audience by introducing the killer when you’ve got no one else around to do the killing.  You cheat the audience on a damn good ride; hell, who wants to find out someone they’ve followed for an hour and a half on a cinematic journey actually hacked a bunch of folks to death?

I do… but that’s what makes horror movies fun!


A classic through and through.  Even though it’s getting a bit long in the tooth (hence, the reimagined remake that we all apparently need to see), it’s still worth watching!  You might be inspired to make a film one day!


The Burning!  Miramax’s first film!

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This is awesome.  This is making me want to bust out some old zombie movies and take a mental health day.  Maybe next week!

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