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My apologies for yesterday and today.  Microsoft Word is still trying to fuck me over and I don’t know why.  There are seeds of change in the air- namely me deleting anything that could have caused this to happen.

Maybe it’s a ghost!

Maybe I’m haunted!

Maybe… technology is a fickle bitch.

Let’s go to work! 

TODAY’S FILM:  The Red Queen Kills Seven Times

From the title alone, I expected some major killing.  What I got was an intricate plot with some minor killing- there were at least seven kills, though, which made me happy considering the title managed to live up to itself.

Unofficial trailer, it’s your turn!



NOTE:  I am running on fumes.  Fumes of hate and impatience, baby!

We’re back in giallo land, as this is a tale of sisters dealing with a family inheritance and a curse. 


I am in a non-spoiling (and quite exhausted) mood today, so I’ll skip the particulars and hit on a few points.

Number one, this film is gorgeous.  Seriously, the shot selection and cinematography gives it a bit more weight than most of the films I’ve seen this month.  Have you ever watched a movie and said to yourself, "Jesus Christ, that feels forced?"  Even with the gratiuitous shot of the killer running down the hallway (as seen in the trailer), I didn’t get that feeling at all.  It’s something to see, if you get the chance.

Number two, what’s up with all the vindictive families?  Yes, I know that inheritances are a bitch to deal with when they’re split up among folks, but good lord- it should never lead to you donning a pair of black gloves and stabbing a bunch of folks to death.  Just like "White Lines", I say… don’t do it!




Number three, although this film features the "same" killer, it doesn’t.  Both this and The Night Eveyln Came Out Her Grave feature an Evelyn and a mysterious dark suited, cape wearing figure, but they aren’t connected to each other in any other fashion.  This is actually something I dig- an actual mythology behind the various movies, i.e. "Hey. ever heard the legend of the chick that went crazy and put on a cape and a mask and stabbed all those people?"  The killer becomes more of a representation of rage rather than just some poorly motivated psycho (and yes, I know that it can be said that most b-movie killers end up coming off depicted as being poorly motivated psychos, but bear with me!)  It also helps that with this film, there’s an effort to focus on the characters and not the kills- most movies I’ve watched this month feel like they were based around the kills with the plot being woven around them, but this flick is a conscious effort to tell a story… it just happens to have a lot of killing involved.  It’s smart at times, and doesn’t hammer things over the viewer’s head.

To sum up:

There’s a point at the end of the film where Our Heroine Kitty opens a door and sees a dead body about to fall out, but closes it before it can fall out all the way.

That’s how I feel about this film.

It does what I didn’t expect.  Most heroines would flail away and scream so the killer can sneak up on them, but here, said heroine just gasps, reins her fear in, and tries to go about the business of clearing things up once and for all.

Proactive heroines rock.


Netflix it if you can.  If not, maybe one day I will have the clout to run my own movie marathon…


Pumpkinhead!  Back to the Eighties we go!

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I enjoy A Horror A Day!
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I'm happy that you enjoy it!  Here is Day 3!
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This is awesome.  This is making me want to bust out some old zombie movies and take a mental health day.  Maybe next week!

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