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Flashback.  Proving Hindsight isn’t actually 20/20.  It’s very near-sighted.

System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Year: 1994
Company: Taito Corporation
Genre: Beat ‘Em Up

Ninja vs. a Chainsaw Samurai. Chainsaw Samurai = win.

Robots = Awesome.  Ninjas = Super awesome.  Robot Ninjas = Your mom on her back super awesome!  Ninja Warriors did what every other left to right thrash fest did and without shame, minus the second player and that pansy-ass third dimension.

Three cyborgs sat in your ninja-arsenal, from the burly "Ninja" (when you are what your name is, you don’t screw around), to the acrobatic Kunoichi, to the sickle-armed dervish Kamaitachi.  Each had a wide arsenal of easy to perform maneuvers, or one could just go Marquess of Queensberry and button-mash for the win. 

The game also took a unique approach on the help-I’m-surrounded brawler move.  Rather than some spin-kick that hurt you as a result (if I wanted to be hurt, I’d just let them hit me), you had a meter across the bottom that filled up slowly.  If you got hit before it filled, it emptied and you started all over.  But should it hit max, you were one button away from blasting the whole damn screen, showing those jumpsuit wearing sissies just who their father-unit was.

Sure it was short and repetative (see also: a beat ‘em up), but the graphics were top-end SNES spritedom and the controls were responsive and easy (see also: no quarter circles; see also also: screw you, Capcom).  It had a story.  The opening cinematics told you so.  But, it equates to "Ninja Cyborgs brak sheet".  Did you need more?  Really?


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