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You are sitting on a rock. The sky is blue. The birds are chirping. It is a beautiful day.

Turn to page forty-three to see what happens.


One of them just vomited on a rock, and OH MY GOD THE ROCK IS ALIVE NOW! It’s turned into a golem and it’s coming after you! You run, but trip over a tree branch- OH NO AN ALIEN JUST VOMITED ON A TREE AND NOW THE TREE IS ALIVE!



Return to page one.

Yep, that’s where my brain is right now. Join me for Day 8! 

TODAY’S FILM: High Tension

I was taking a look at my list, and aside from a couple of movies and a couple of “well-planned” surprises (read: UPS gets me some movies in time), we are seriously entering the actual “fucked up” portion of this month long event. The things I will be discussing probably won’t be for the faint of heart, but that’s never stopped me before, so I’m probably gonna BOMB-BOMB-BOMB BOMB BOMB YOUR BRAINPAN over the next couple of weeks with some pretty sick stuff.

Hey, it’s Halloween month- if you can’t embrace the grotesque and weird during this time of the year, then enjoy… Christmas or something. The interesting thing about doing something like this is that my tastes in this particular genre are abundantly clear- I like story, I like atmosphere, I can appreciate some camp (but only in small doses) and I hate bullshit: JUST LIKE REAL LIFE.

I dunno: brain melty, here trailer.



NOTE: This film doesn’t have zombies, but folks get fucked up proper-like all the same.

High Tension does a lot of things right, and then throws away all the goodwill it built up with its audience due to the ending. What starts out as a wonderful thrill ride gets yanked out from under you as you realize that, “Uhhhh, this isn’t the film I was watching previously! Why are you forcing this twist upon me?!”

Here’s what happens in a succinct nutshell without mentioning the fact that we see the heroine masturbating after seeing her friend in the shower or none of that nonsense:



Marie and Alexia are on vacation at the latter’s parents’ house out in the French countryside. A mysterious man breaks into the house and brutally slaughters Alexia’s family (including the dog) and throws Alexia in the back of his truck. Marie sets off to save her friend, and a night of terror happens… or does it?

High Tension lives up to its’ title- this film will have folks gripping the armrests, or possibly punching whoever’s sitting next to them in the thigh. It’s a brutal, uncompromising flick that doesn’t skimp on the grue- everything’s shown in brutal detail.

The capper of all of this, or the game-ender if you will, is the fact that 95 percent of the film’s story is negated by the ending- namely that Marie is the killer and she went on a rampage due to her need to metaphorically ball Alexia, so we, as the viewer, have seen Marie as the killer Alexia perceives her to be- a gnarled, ruthless old man desperate for companionship. It sucks to get yanked out of the ride that this film takes you on in such a fashion, but in all honesty, it’s what makes it so much fun. For a film that constantly asks forces the viewer to ask “What’s going to happen next?” , it delivers a twist that first time viewers will never see coming unless they’ve read spoiler-laden pieces like this.

This film came out after the “torture porn” boom (which is an antiquated, terrible, and horribly used label that I merely used in order to get hits on the website, ahehehehehe, jokes abound) but has nothing in common with the “same” films that came before and after it. It’s uncompromising. There’s no “haha, we’ve trapped these folks here and now they’re gonna die!” feel- even when the carnage is going down; you’re wondering how the remaining characters will be proactive enough to get out of the mess they’re in… which makes the end of the film that much more frustrating.

It would have been “perfect” if this was just a wonderful tale of unrequited love with a serial killer caught in the middle of the potential love bomb- instead we’re left to question perceptions and motives and what not, which is waaaaaaay too smart for a film that has someone getting killed via a weed-whacker through the windshield, complete with blood spraying all over the camera.

Such a fun film, but it’s asking for too much from the average viewer.


I’m going to say the most blatant, classless thing possible:

Being a closeted lesbian isn’t worth killing a whole family over.

I’m just saying… don’t be like Marie.



Death Walks On High Heels!

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This is awesome.  This is making me want to bust out some old zombie movies and take a mental health day.  Maybe next week!

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