Posted on August 12th, 2007 in Food, Kenzan by Sasha Kenzan

Lately, it seems as if Frito Lay has been getting more and more experimental with their Doritos brand. From trying to capture fans of buffalo wings with their Blazin’ Buffalo and Ranch flavor or their admirable, if a little tacky, attempt at cheeseburger-flavored Doritos with the X-13D line, it seems as if they keep trying to branch out to different markets with different flavors at an alarming rate. From their Fight for the Flavor idea, pitting two possible new flavors against each other, comes Doritos Collisions.


(Sorry about the low quality of the picture… we spent our budget on chips.)

As you can see, Doritos have tried to branch out into something a tad bit different from their norm; a bag actually containing two different flavors that is meant to be mixed and matched. I picked up the Zesty Taco/Chipotle Ranch flavor for two reasons…

A) The Taco flavor is not available where I am, and damn you, Frito Lay, for that!

B) The other flavor is Hot Wings/Blue Cheese, which doesn’t make sense to me as it will cannibalize the sales of their Blazin’ Buffalo and Ranch flavor, unless someone really likes blue cheese (which I don’t).

I’m guessing these will have a limited run, so I figured I would break diet and give it a shot. They are actually not bad, although it does seem like you don’t get as many chips as with a normal 99-cent bag of Doritos. I handled this on three different wavelengths.

ZESTY TACO BY ITSELF: Not too bad. A little lacking from the original Taco flavor, but not bad overall. I would’ve preferred maybe a little more spice, but I can see why they left it as is.

CHIPOTLE RANCH BY ITSELF: Let’s not fool ourselves. This is little more than Cool Ranch Doritos with a fancy name. I don’t know what "chipotle" is supposed to represent, but these taste exactly like Cool Ranch Doritos.

BOTH FLAVORS TOGETHER: This is what I’m imagining they want you to do, is to eat both chips together. Truth be told, it’s actually pretty good for a snack food. The concept just strikes me as odd.

I’m not going to go out and try the Hot Wings/Blue Cheese flavor because, like I mentioned, I don’t like blue cheese. However, if you have both Taco and Cool Ranch flavors in your area, you can probably just buy a bag of each and mix them together for the same result. It’s not really anything special.

RECOMMENDATION: Worth trying once, but not something I’d eat regularly.


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Sasha Kenzan
Re: Doritos Collisons

Well then, let me say this so Axel doesn't burst into the thread filled with sadness...

"Why won't they make Jumping Jack Doritos anymore then?!"

And yeah, considering they had pizza Doritos, marinara ones wouldn't be that far-fetched.
Axel Night
Re: Doritos Collisons

The original gimmick flavor.  I died that day.  No Dorito will ever be the same.
Re: Doritos Collisons

My Black Pepper jack seems to have gone M.I.A. as well. This beast must be stopped! 
Axel Night
Re: Doritos Collisons

Yus!  We will amass an army of rotund chip eaters, gather on a large couch, and complain loudly!
Sasha Kenzan
Re: Doritos Collisons

That would have to be a very large couch, one would think.  I'm not sure if you'll be able to fit the target audience in there.

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