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I’m sure this is a topic that you’ve seen come up many times, but it’s really beginning to trouble me. Why exactly can’t anyone take responsibility for their own decisions anymore, and why exactly do so many need to have their hand held through decision-making? I’ve been to several R-rated films over the last few months and had to watch as some poor child screamed and sobbed during scenes of violence, leading some parent to chew out an usher because there weren’t any labels about the film containing any "extreme" violence… except that, if this parent did her research, she would find that not only are movies rated, but now they have a description at the bottom of the rating as to why the film got such a rating. I ask this: is this really necessary?

A R-rated movie is rated as such because there really isn’t any reason for a child to be viewing the film. Now we need little note to determine exactly what explicit content is okay for a child to watch? Here’s a thought, geniuses, it’s R-rated. There’s going to be something in there that some suit has decided is unsuitable for a child to watch. If you’re that concerned about the content of a film, what difference does it make if the R-rating is for violence or for sexual content? Shouldn’t you get the idea that perhaps a film called Grindhouse isn’t a family friendly film, or that Aqua Teen Hunger Force isn’t going to be happy and sunshiney simply because it’s an animated feature?

It just frustrates me that there are so many people who whine and complain about how the movie, music, video game, and television industries need to watch what they are doing because, gasp, a child may be watching or listening or playing. Well, why should us reasonable, capable adults have to suffer because some parent doesn’t care enough about their child to actually be a parent? That’s right, I said it. I don’t expect parents to be 100% on top of their kids, monitoring everything they do, but if your child sees something that you didn’t want them to see, at least take the personal responsibility to admit that you missed something and would take further steps to correct such action in the future instead of blaming the creators of such content. Don’t force us to suffer because you didn’t do your job as a parent.

In California, a bill was recently struck down as unconstitutional in regards to video game sales. The bill was supposed to block the sale of ultraviolent games to those under the age of 18. Well, seriously, there’s this thing you might want to read up on, called the ESRB. It, similar to movies, rates games for content, and parents have been ignoring them for years. Now they want the parents to have the "ultimate decision" as to whether or not they want their children protected, and a lot of parents simply don’t care enough to do such a thing. That’s how we end up with 12-year-olds screaming profanities and racial slurs on Xbox Live.

If the government really wants to point fingers, how about we point some at parents for once instead of not just the video game industry, but the entertainment industry as a whole? In between this and the lawsuits against fast food chains because their children got fat from their daily diet of McDonald’s, it’s a sad state of affairs in their country.

What are people saying about "Personal responsibility is for suckers"?

Brick Prior
Re: Personal responsibility is for suckers

When I went to go see Transformers for a second time, there was this crazy broad sitting next to me that was so worn out by watching the CGI robots fight that she brought a fucking pocket fan to the festivities.  She would blast herself with air anytime things got too hectic.  She damn near had a heart attack when all that  Sector Seven shit went down.  There was also a screaming baby, and multiple Lohanites checking their cellphones for text messages.  Granted, these types of incidents make for good comedy, but you gotta be fucking kidding me.  I hate going to the movies now- people always wanna act like they've never been out the house and lose their minds when it comes to common sense and anything resembling social etiquette.  And babies at movies? Well, it's like Mastodon sang at the beginning of the ATHF movie (besides "Don't talk!  Watch!"):

Did you bring your baby?
Babies don't watch this!
Take the seed outside- leave it in the streets!
Run over it after the show!

Except without the running over after the show part, because that's just wrong.  I believe the children are our future- teach them well and... let them lead the way.


Don't get me started on video games as a parenting tool.  My "favorite" online experience over the past five years on X-Box Live was hearing some kid going, "You're such a n***er!" over and over as he got whooped up on in DOA Ultimate.  Digitally uppercutting someone never felt so good...

Re: Personal responsibility is for suckers

This past weekend, I went to Busch Gardens. One of the rides I went on was the Corkscrew hill 4-d ride. In the line just behind us, there was a mother with two young children, aged maybe 3 and 4. The younger of the two already had her hands over her ears and was burying her face in her mother's shoulder. someone engaged this Mother of the Year candidate in conversation, and she said that her kid was afraid of the dark and tight tunnely like places. SO WHY THE EFF ARE YOU BRINGING HER ON A RIDE THAT HAS BOTH! We get in, and for one, the mother doesn't even sit next to her daughter. She puts her one row behind her and reaches back to hold her with a "reassuring hand." BTW, the other daughter is having a blast with all this, so the mother could have easily traded places with her and provided a better physical presence for the daughter that was scared. Sure enough, as soon as the ride starts and a big 3-D CG face of a giant irishman baring his teeth as he smiles at you comes on the screen, the scared daughter freaks out. And she gets worse once the ride kicks into full gear, what with the simulated horse ride, being threatened to be thrown into a boiling cauldron, and a fall from a great height. Little girl is screaming and crying throughout the show, and after the light come on, as this girl is sobbing into her mothers shoulder, the mother is going, "You were so brave! You were so brave!" NO SHE WASN'T! SHE WAS FREAKING OUT THE ENTIRE TIME AND SHE'LL PROBABLY BE WAKING UP SCREAMING FOR A MONTH!

Words cannot describe how pissed I was at this woman...

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